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May Showers Bring "Singin' in the Rain" to the Benedum

May Showers Bring "Singin' in the Rain" to the Benedum - Lockwood and Lamont Grace Pittsburgh Stage Once More
Review of Pittsburgh CLO’s "Singin’ In the Rain" May 30, 2014 Performance
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Written By: Megan Grabowski  |  May 31, 2014

The opulence of the historic Benedum Center is a perfect venue for Singin’ In The Rain. The theater’s original mirrors, woodwork and chandeliers recreate the atmosphere reminiscent of that which fans of the romantic team, Lockwood and Lamont, would have sat amid while witnessing the birth of the talkie.

Opening night for the 68th summer musical season of The Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, welcomed to stage David Elder as leading man Don Lockwood; Mary Michael Patterson as his true love, Kathy Selden and supporting cast, Ashley Spencer, starring as Lina Lamont, the beautiful actress opposite Lockwood, and Cary Tedder as Cosmo Brown, Lockwood’s comedic sidekick. The story begins with Lockwood and Lamont, 1920’s Hollywood silent film stars, at the height of their fame and success. In 1927 new technology allowing sound to be placed in film is introduced. The movie studio contracting Lockwood and Lamont, Monumental Pictures, must incorporate sound into their films to stay competitive. For leading lady Lamont, this is a problem. Her diction as well as the tone of her voice does not complement the pretty face her fans adore. Suddenly, Kathy Selden, an unknown girl who dreams of becoming an actress on stage in New York City stumbles into Lockwood‘s life, on the set of his next film and into his heart as a love interest.

Cary Tedder as Cosmo Brown and
David Elder as Don Lockwood
Gene Kelly, Pittsburgh native and star of the 1952 film isn’t just a former Pittsburgh resident. He is an iconic Pittsburgher; adopted by locals; part of our regional soul, so filling the role of Don Lockwood on stage in Pittsburgh requires some pretty big shoes. By scene 9, Elder confirms his worthiness for the role of Lockwood, showing off exemplary foot skills as he and Selden dance together with easy fluid motions, singing, “You Were Meant For Me” . By the final scene of Act 1, the title number, "Singin’ in the Rain," has the audience smiling from ear to ear. Lockwood frolics from one end of the stage to the other, swinging from the lamp post with only one arm and lightly dancing up the stairs while carrying an umbrella as rain falls upon the set drenching the floor of the stage and creating puddles for splashing. His smooth voice, ‘singing and dancing’ in the rain, create feelings of warmth, and familiarity for the viewers.

Cary Tedder as Cosmo Brown, Mary Michael Patterson
as Kathy Selden and David Elder as Don Lockwood
Tedder, a strong supporting character, has marvelous comedic timing and energy on stage that encourages the audience to laugh freely and boisterously. His timeless jokes add depth to the Lockwood character and reinforce Lamont’s mean spirit. In addition, Cosmo dances with boundless energy and is pure pleasure to watch. Spencer’s stage presence screams pomp and glamour. During her diction lesson scene the audience howls in laughter. Selden a small town, girl-next-door type with loads of talent receives applause for her operatic and melodious voice in musical numbers such as “You Are My Lucky Star” and “GoodMornin’ ”. One of the most fun scenes in the show, “Broadway Ballet”, is carefully choreographed to showcase the talents of each cast member.
David Elder as Don Lockwood

The music in Singin’ in the Rain is infectious. Every person I passed by in the lobby, stood next to at intermission or rode in the elevator with in the parking garage after tonight’s performance was humming various tunes from the musical. Tonight’s showcase of vocal talent, dance ability and theatrical execution put a smile on my face. This is a happy and carefree production to celebrate summertime, a timeless show that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Singin’ in the Rain runs through June 8, 2014.
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Reviewed by Megan Grabowski
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  1. This has long been one of my favorite musical productions and your review makes it clear that once again the CLO has risen to the task of keeping great theatre alive and well In my hometown. I'm looking very forward to going next week!