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A Blythe Spirit …a Haunting Good Time By Noel Coward

A Blythe Spirit …a Haunting Good Time at the PICT Classic Theater
Written By: JoAnn R. Forrester  |  May 11, 2014
A Blythe Spirit, written by the British playwright, Noel Coward in 1941, during the dark days of the German Blitz, is a biting farce about marriage, death, declining morals, infidelity and the “traditional” British stiff upper lip. Rule on Britannia, Rule on!

The opening scene occurs in the home of Charles and Ruth Condomine, a British upper crust couple who are waiting for their dinner guests, Doctor Bradman and wife. As entertainment for the evening a séance has been arranged. This séance of course is being treated as ‘silly thing’ with no expectations other than some fun at the antics of the medium, Madame Arcati .

Both Charles and Ruth have been widowed for a number of years and just recently married one another. During the pre-dinner conversation one gets a glimpse of jealously of the first wife Elvira, by Ruth the second wife. Ruth constantly tries to wheedle out of Charles that she is more desirable and attractive and that he loves her more than the first wife, Elvira. Charles manages to somewhat dodge the wheedling and before the conversation becomes nasty the dinner guests, Doctor and Mrs. Bradman arrive and off to dinner they go.

The next scene, that silly little meaningless entertainment, produces one former deceased wife Elvira, who is beautiful, witty, charming and ruthless. The antics between the “living wife and the deceased wife” are priceless. The snide catty remarks are classic and the women playing the part are superb. It is so much fun watching first wife, Elvira, played by Vera Varlamov and second wife played by Daina Michelle Griffith vie for Charles attention and get him to “‘get rid of the other”.

As the play progresses and Madam Arcati, played hysterically by Mary Rawson, is called back to dispatch the unwanted wife it becomes even funnier. She carries on with the right combination of comedic flair and drama…and the result? Well you have to go and see

One of the characters who almost steals the show, Edith, the inexperienced over anxious to please maid, played by Karen Baum is a comedic delight. She reminds me in many ways of an early Carol Burnett who could make physical comedy so appealing

And let's not forget Charles, (Dan Rodden) the poor besieged husband, who more than holds his own with his dueling wives. A treat to watch!

If you want an evening of haunting good laughter, British style, then you must go and see the PICTS’s newest offering "Blythe Spirit." The play is directed by Alan Stanford, a very good director and a wonderful, charming host. May the PICT Classic Theatre continue to thrive and prosper in Pittsburgh!

Written By: JoAnn R. Forrester
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