Monday, May 20, 2013

Aloha Meenakshi

Aloha Meenakshi

NAWBO Greater Pittsburgh Chapter honored their President, Meenakshi Kapoor, at an “Aloha Meenakshi” luncheon at the Grand Concourse, Station Square.  In Barbara Walters’ style, Joanne Quinn Smith interviewed Meenakshi on her fascinating story of her journey from a casual visitor stateside to a multi-million dollar entrepreneur.  Meenakshi first visited the states for a 6 month vacation, time that had been earned from a position in New Delhi where she had not taken a vacation in six years.  This was our initial glimpse into the dedication, selflessness and focus that would awe and inspire the attendees.

Meenakshi decided to stay after she was hired for a position in New Jersey, pursuing a career in HR.  Fast forward to several relocations and disappointments, and Meenakshi landed in Pittsburgh where she knew no one.  When she faced yet another relocation request to Charlotte, she decided that she had enough of the nomadic life.  With a $250 investment, Meenakshi and a partner decided to launch Symphony Enterprises, LLC.

Symphony Enterprises, LLC is an IT staffing firm, leveraging Meenakshi’s background in HR to source, recruit and place outsourced technical talent for firms.  From its humble beginnings, Symphony has exceeded $2 Million in topline revenue and is on track to continue the upward trajectory.  Meenakshi shared how she used cold calling and other low costs marketing practices to grow her business.

Meenakshi credits the members of NAWBO Greater Pittsburgh for offering friendship, support and important resources to buoy her forward.  In 2010, she earned her citizenship; as a result, she sought and received several key certifications, including WBENC and 8 (a).

Aloha is Hawaiian meaning both ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’.  Meenakshi married in November of 2012 and the reason for the Aloha luncheon is she is returning to Mumbai for the next chapter of her life.  We know she will continue to succeed and look forward to her return visits to keep her NAWBO sisters in the loop.
Aloha Meenakshi – we will all miss you.

The interview can be seen on the NAWBO Channel of Positively Pittsburgh Live! Magazine.  Each attendee had the opportunity for a videotaped 30-second commercial which will also be posted to the NAWBO channel.  Tune in for the entire interview as well as the commercials.

Written and posted on behalf of RovingPittsburgher and Dreamweaver Marketing Associates.  Joyce Kane is the owner of Cybertary Pittsburgh, a Virtual Administrative support company, providing virtual office support, personal and executive assistance, creative design services and light bookkeeping.  Cybertary works with businesses and busy individuals to help them work 'on' their business rather than 'in' their business.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

La Cenerentola, Pittsburgh Opera Presents the "Real Cinderella"

Pittsburgh Opera Takes Opera Buffa to New Heights
With Its Production of La Cenerentola
Hank Walshak

When it comes to opera, I’ve long been partial to Wagnerian sturm and drang. That is, until I experienced Rossini’s Italian, two-act, opera buffa, La Cenerentola. (Cinderella), beautifully set forth by the company of the Pittsburgh Opera.

For us non-Italian-speaking folks, the name, La Cenerentola, translates into the English, Cinderella.  Adapted from the French fairy tale, Cendrillon by Charles Perrault, the first performance of La Cenerentola took place in Rome in 1817.

The name, La Cenerentola (Cinderella) is another name for Angelina. The opera title, La Cenerentola, relates to the fireplace area near the cinders or ashes.  That’s where her step father, Don Magnifico, and half-sisters, Tisbe, played by Samantha Korbe, and Clorinda, played by Meredith Lustig, have assigned her. There, Angelina sits, like a scullery maid, after completing her chores.  One could imagine the opera being titled, “Maid of the Ashes.”

The abundance of vocal solos romanced me from the start. I fell in love with Angelina, played by Vivica Genaux. She plied her arias plaintively enough to arouse strong feelings of empathy and sympathy for her.    

The solos of Arthur Espiritu, who sang the role of the prince, Don Romiro made me believe his good sense to see into the self-seeking and ploys of her half-sisters, Tisbe and Clorinda. Don Romiro ultimately marries Angelina and raises her to royal stature.

Paolo Pecchioli, played Don Magnifico, just right as the blundering, laughable buffoon. But let’s not forget that this character is no more than a hollow, narcissistic drunk. , As Angelina’s step father, he defiantly repulses her entreaties to call her “daughter.”

Being a reductionist at heart, I loved the production of La Cenerentola, because the performances by the flesh-and-blood impresarios helped me to see past the fairy tale-ish, Disney treatment of Cinderella and to be more aware of her existential plight up to her marriage to Don Romiro.

La Cenerentola was a pleasure to watch, thanks to Set Designer, Erhard Rom’s creative use of pre-designed panels easily interchanged by a gathering of men in formal attire. Place changes—from the home of Don Magnifico to the royal house of Don Romiro—took place effortlessly, in a matter of moments.

La Cenerentola closes with Angelina, showing mercy to Don Magnifico, Tisbe, and Clorinda. Her doing so gives new meaning to the line from the Gospel of Matthew, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”
 Hank Walshak

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