Friday, December 20, 2013

Michael Bolton Holiday and Hits with the Pittsburgh Symphony

Michael Bolton Holiday and Hits 

with the Pittsburgh Symphony

By Angel Hoffman
Roving Pittsburgher Reviewer and Michael Bolton Fan

The show opened with the very impressive Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. They played: "Flight to Neverland" from "Hook," Suite from "The Polar Express" and a medley of familiar Christmas Carols. What a symphonic treat for the audience.

Following intermission, Michael Bolton (Bolton) took the stage
with his very talented band! The crowd was eager to hear him sing and shouted, Pittsburgh loves you! Bolton was very comfortable with the audience and even invited the audience to take pictures during the concert. His voice was incomparable as he sang songs from various musical genres, including, "Said I Loved You…But I Lied." He is quite the entertainer!

Bolton showcased each of his band members: a female musician on trumpet, along with musicians playing saxophone, electric guitars, piano and drums. A female singer named, Kelly, sang with him on selected numbers. Michael started out singing familiar soft rock tunes and some classic Christmas carols. He delivered a powerful, yet gentle rendition of Irving Berlin’s, "White Christmas,"  but then he got the crowd going with "Sweet Home Chicago," which he said was one of his childhood favorites.

He also performed the aria, "Nessun Dorma," following a very tender tribute to his deceased friend, Luciano Pavarotti. The aria showcased his vocal range and the beauty of his voice. Bolton sang, "Ain’t No Mountain High Enough" from his new Motown album along with Kelly. The number one hit single which he wrote for Laura Brannigan, "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You," was definitely one of the crowd favorites. However, the highlight of the evening was when he sang "When a Man Loves a Woman" and then the audience gave him a standing ovation! It was quite a night and Michael is as handsome as ever!

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Plaid Tidings Will Make You Jingle All the Way Home

Plaid Tidings Will Make You Jingle All the Way Home

by Dean Quinn

I recently attended the musical comedy called Plaid Tidings at the Pittsburgh Cabaret Theatre. This was my first experience at the Cabaret. It was an extreme pleasure that reminded me of old clubs such as the in movies like the Cotton Club and Goodfellas. There is a nice food menu provided by Meat and Potatoes with some interesting items. It also has a wide variety of drinks including a nice wine list. 

Plaid Tidings is about a musical group sent back to earth from heaven for a unknown purpose. As the performance begins, the
Brandon Lambert, Billy Hepfinger, Eric Longo and Quinn Shannon
group tries to determine what that purpose is for being there. Comical situations arise. For example, the pianist goes out for a
“union” smoke break in which she refuses to return to play for the group members until her break is over. One of the band members loses his glasses and says he cannot sing without them. Which sends him through the crowd singing which gives the crowd an uproar of laughter which adds to the continuous comedy throughout the entire show. 

Brandon Lambert, Billy Hepfinger, Eric Longo and Quinn Shannon
The musical is quite enjoyable because of the group's excellent voices. The silly choreography and facial expressions of the band members adds to the almost slapstick repertoire of the show. Eventually the group determines the reason they returned is to
perform a holiday show and get people in the spirit. Plaid Tidings is taken aback when they realize this. There is a flashback at this point of the show, in which they recall all of their performances and how they imagined making it big. As big as being on Ed Sullivan show performing for a large crowd. This scene was the most enjoyable for the older attendees who remembered watching Ed Sullivan on T.V.

This show certainly put me in the holiday spirit.  I would definitely would recommend this show to anyone who wants to laugh and jingle all the way home. You can still see "Plaid Tidings" at the Cabaret Theater through December 6, 2013


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