Thursday, October 3, 2013

MWSA Conference Supports Veterans Hospital and Writers

You know you are in a good place when the President of an organization starts off the orientation by announcing that the members donated and he and a committee packed and delivered over 500 books to the local Veterans hospital.  Such was the case as Dwight Zimmerman, MWSA President opened up the conference.

From September 26 thru September 29, 2013,  I, Techno Granny and Nanno Granny, JoAnn Forrester, host of EmpressofBiz Talkcast were blessed to attend the annual Military Writers Society of America Conference in Dayton, Ohio.

The break-out sessions and workshops were amazing in diversity and content.  There were sessions on Writing Children's Books with Pat McGrath Avery, well known children's author and a very useful section on Posting Reviews by Jim Greenwald especially in the clamp down on false reviews that is beginning to happen in various states in the country. On the Technical side, Joyce Faulkner of Red Engine Press gave a workshop on designing an E-Book.  Attendees were also privy to exclusive tips on writing descriptions by internationally renowned author, Jack London.

The TechnoGranny also had the opportunity to interview 8 authors including the founder of MWSA, Reverend Bill Mc Donald.  In the Roving Pittsburgher Report you will hear about the mission of MWSA:"The Military Writers Society of America helps veterans, their families, and historians record history and the complexities of military life―and encourages writing and other creative endeavors as therapy for the stresses of our special circumstances. We focus on using these works to educate the general public, students, and the military community."

You can look forward to the interviews throughout the year on the Roving Pittsburgher Video Channel at:  There will also be 8 upcoming interviews of Author nominees on syndicated Pittsburgh channel, Author Author Shine Out Loud.

In addition JoAnn Forrester and the TechnoGranny were not idle,  JoAnn Forrester gave a work shop on "Pricing the Back End of Your Book and Valuing the Time"™ and the TechnoGranny, JQS presented on "Pre-Launch, Launch and Post Launch Marketing of E-Books"™.

Lest you think it was all fun and no games there was a tour of the Wright State University Archives and a Buckaroo Auction where volunteers are rewarded with Buckaroo Dollars and can bid on some pretty exceptional prizes.  And of course there is the Saturday night awards banquet where authors receive the coveted bronze, silver and gold awards for their nominated books.

Also MWSA members had an opportunity to publish short stories and poems in the annual anthology.  TechnoGranny was able to immortalize her Papa Nunni in a short story "Thattsa No My House."  The anthology is available here.  

As I have stated in my first book, you cannot help but be inspired by this phenomenal group of people who are members of the Military Writer's Society of America.  Not only do you learn but you develop a camaraderie as authors and writers appear out of the pages of their books and become real to you.  Aspiring or current authors should consider attending next year in Phoenix Arizona.  Both TechnoGranny and NannoGranny, Empresss of Biz, JoAnn Forrester plan on having at least one book entered in the awards competition and we are also going to battle it out with the other members at the Buckaroo Auction. 

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