Thursday, July 24, 2014

Roving Pittsburgher Report CATS, Benedum Theater A FOUR STAR MEOW

CATS, Benedum Theater
JoAnn R. Forrester, Empress of Biz. 

Elizabeth Stanley as Grizabella
Millions of people have seen Cats since 1981 and have just purred over the Jellicle cats and their salute to immortality.  The performance of this weekend at the Benedum Theatre was purrfect.  The audience was immediately in love with the performance from the very talented Broadway quality cast.  They were singing joyfully and dancing exuberantly.  In a nonstop musical acrobatic, twisting, somersaulting, cartwheeling performance that put permanent paw prints of joy into everyone hearts. 

We all know the  favorites Mr. Mistofeles' and 'Memories'., but
Jenna Nicole Schoen as Demeter, Lily Emilia Smith
as Jellylorum and Ashley Chasteen as Bombalurina
wait what about Old Deuteronomy,  Grizabella, the Glamour Cat, once a real looker and now a faded raggedy cat…and MaCavity the bad boy cat.  All amazing performances and a musical wonder to see

Andrew Lloyd Weber musical masterpiece will go on forever just based on the music, memorable songs and outstanding  choreography, with the wonderful them of  presenting  the captivating story of the Jellicle cats
My view of the play was fantastic.  We were seated in the Directors Circle, second floor.  Where we could look down at the
Will Porter as Mungojerrie and
Mara Newbery as Rumpleteazer
performance and just soak up the energy that flew up from the stage. Amidst that incredible view I found myself developing a different perspective.  In the midst of all the joy and exuberance I was reflexing on the tales of the cats and their possible human counterparts.  There are people I know who, I could swear their lives were being portrayed right on stage…for better or worse. 
Ken Prymus as Old Deuteronomy

Hmmm….I wonder if anyone asked the shows originators who were the models for your cats?   

Anyways, as always excellent quality from the Pittsburgh CLO and Kudos to all those who work so hard to bring the best of the musical theater to our part of the world.  We are so fortunate to have you.

And as a human being who is owned by Ginger the Cat…I am instructed to tell you the rating is a four meow rating…the highest praise a cat will give.

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