Sunday, April 1, 2012

Roving Pttsburgher Report, Review of Perpetual Potential Workshop

Review of Perpetual Potential Workshop
by Al Levine

Bob Stearns
The TECHNO GRANNY sent me to the DOUBLETREE Hotel in GREENTREE this week. Your GOOD NEWS REPORTER AL Levine, attended the PERPETUAL POTENTIAL event. The PITTSBURGH BUSINESS TIMES sponsored this INSPIRING event. 

BOB STEARNS put on a DYNAMIC and POWERFUL presentation. YOU must buy his BOOK "Perhaps a Man can Change the Stars" or go to one of his EVENTS. Your PERSONAL and  BUSINESS life will be improved.

BOB answers the question: What is PERPETUAL POTENTIAL? Your HIDDEN, FORGOTTEN or LATENT talents that you can CHOOSE to DEVELOPE. You should not limit your POTENTIAL.

There are only TWO POWERFUL handouts for you to TAKE home. BOB'S inspirational story will TUG at your HEART and PROPEL your mind for the SUCCESS that you seek.

BOB  LOST his 21 year old SON (ERIC) in an AUTOMOBILE accident in GREECE. He chose to HONOR ERIC with a CAREER change.

Instead of SULKING, he tapped into his POTENTIAL to INSPIRE himself and others. BOB already had a couple of AWARD winning CAREERS under his belt. Being a BALDRIGE AWARD WINNER is impressive too. He was able to SAVE his company over $50 MILLION. I will let BOB tell YOU how HE did it.

He gives you THREE LIFE LESSONS to help YOU.

Tackle Tough Challenges, NEVER QUIT!

FOCUS on what YOU DO HAVE not what you don't have.


Here is one more of BOB'S LESSONS that I will SHARE:  ONE PERSON CAN change the culture and direction of a company.

It was also nice to meet MARIANNE and STEPHEN. His wife and son are GREAT people to KNOW. I had a 35 minute conversation with my NEW FRIENDS, Marianne and Stephen after the INSPIRING EVENT in GREENTREE.

GO TO his sites now. Don't put it off! GO NOW!  then go to,  IT will be TIME WELL SPENT!

Al Levine, Better known as "The Talking Machine"
is one of the hosts of Pittsburgh Sportsline on the 
Bethel Park Public Access Channel.  He is also the
webmaster and "Pittsburgh Gaming Guru" at
and Community Relations and Development Director for's upcoming
Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh on September 6, 2012.

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