Monday, January 23, 2017

Roving Pittsburgher Report, Steelers Lost but Pittsburghers Partied On!

130 people Multi-meetup Steeler Game Party @ Corner Market & Ale!

Updated 11 hours ago
Don Rohsner and Frank Halling invited 11 meetup groups and setup some Facebook Events to watch the Steelers Playoff Game vs the Patriots. We were at the NEW Bar Restaurant Corner Market and Ale in 
Greentree. Had 130+ people overall and had a decent time.
with DJ & Dancing! 5-
Thanks to Corner Market and Ale for having us! We look 
Hope to see you at the Next Large Meetup Events coming upPLEASE RSVP, it helps convince others to go to the events!9pm

Pittsburghers will use any excuse to party and even though the Steelers lost to the Patriots, there was still the unique Pittsburgh closeness and friendly environment. 

Here are some of the Better Events coming up! (20-100 meetup people showing)
Cross-Posted on 9 meetups n 2 Facebook events should have 40-70 people which is good for a thursday.

FREE ADMISSION to the WARHOL MUSEUM for the Good Friday's Party at the Warhol!
Friday, Jan 27th
Good Fridays Party at the Warhol, has Free Admission (normally they charge) a Bar, DJ and Food and free run of the Warhol Museum!  Non-Hosted Meetup event, just something awesome n fun!

Multi-Meetup Happy Hour for Friday February 3rd at Dorthy 6 in Homestead w DJ and Dancing
Cross-Posted on 11 meetups n 2 Facebook events should have 80-120 people which is normal for a friday meetup happy hour w DJ & Dancing.

Tuesday February 7th Free Comedy Night at Buckhead Saloon plus one dollar tacos!    Good Comedy 4-5 comedians for FREE.   We normally get 20-40 meetup people to show up to this event.

MEDICAL MARJIUANA CONVENTION at David L. Lawrence Convention Center Pittsburgh.  April 21st-22nd 
NFL STAR Ricky Williams will be there and speaking!  For Patients, Caregiver, Doctors, Nurses and others interested in PA's Medical marijuana industry.  Use code Frank20 to save 20 on entry fee.  Pass this on if you know anyone with Chronic Pain, Autism, PTSD, Glaucoma etc.

This Meetup is for EVENTS that have a ticket/cover of $5 or LESS or even FREE! 
5-10% of the Events here on FREE & Almost FREE are SOCIAL
90-95% of the Events here are just informing you about cheap/cool/awesome stuff happening in the burgh region.  
So when there is a SOCIAL EVENT on this page with a HOST expect a couple extra emails to help make that meetup WORK and have a decent critical mass of people to make it decently fun! 
        There are a lot of activities in Pittsburgh that are free, or almost free - free days at museums, free concerts and films, free outdoors festivals, free cultural events ... . In addition to these (can't beat the price!), we'll post "almost free" ones where the cost is low (at most $5) compared to the fun that can be had.

         We're always looking for more ideas. YOU CAN POST YOUR OWN EVENTS HERE. If you have one, please click "+Schedule a New Meetup" and we will add it to our calendar as a "suggestion" ... and let me know so that I can turn it into a Meetup event.

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