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1776, A Musical Play

Roving Pittsburgher Review

“ 1776”A Musical Play

by Pittsburgh Event Planner and Talkcast Host, Mary Pam Kilgore

Presented by Pittsburgh Public Theater

George Merrick as John Adams.

O’Reilly Theater                                           

Shows till February 24th

I was very excited to see the Tony award winning musical “1776” currently playing at the O’Reilly Theater presented by the Pittsburgh Public Theater.  I have seen the movie version so I knew the story and even some of the music.

Without issuing the phrase “Spoiler Alert,” “1776” is a musical that takes place in the last couple of months prior to the signing of the Declaration of the Independence.  The representatives of the Continental Congress are meeting in Philadelphia and they are trying to make a decision about independence from England.  They seem to be deadlocked. How they overcome this is the story behind “1776” What makes “1776” a timeless musical is that it portrays the Continental Congress as divided and nothing is getting done.  Sound familiar?  And even the Declaration of Independence, the document, is a victim of compromise and some of those compromises still haunt us today.  

(left to right) Keith Hines as Thomas Jefferson, Steve Vinovich as Ben Franklin and George Merrick as John Adams.     
Favorite characters of the audience seemed to be:  George Merrick presents John Adams as the man you love to hate.   Steve Vinovich's Ben Franklin is seems to be exactly as you would imagine Ben Franklin, a public figure with a flair for fun but nevertheless the consummate politician. 

This is the largest production that Pittsburgh Public Theater has done.  And the production is magnificent!  26 people on stage at the same time!  And on the night I saw it, everything was flawless.  All the actors were wonderful.  A musical play is always a huge undertaking and the music did not disappoint.  The stage moved on a turntable effortlessly from one scene to the next.  On stage till February 24th so take an evening to see this most engaging musical.


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