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Spank, The Fifty Shades Parody or "Girls Just Want to Have Fun!"


The Fifty Shades Parody

Or…."Girls Just Want to Have Fun! Fun!

by Good News Reviewer, JoAnn R. Forrester

E.B., Tasha and fans after show!
Remember those words sung by Cyndi Lauper ...Girls just Want to have fun…well fun "the girls" did last night .  SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody was FUN!  And I believe all those who saw it (sold out house at the Bynham) were ecstatic with the play. .  This was a night that only extremely brave men came out…and there were some.  I guess they wanted to find out what all the fuss has been all about with the "Fifty Shades Saga" …and I bet they are still wondering, but guys who are as suave and sexy as Patrick Whalen and you will have a very happy woman.   

The younger audience just loved Patrick Wayland
The audience, 98% women, was in an excited mood and they were looking for a "good time" and a GOOD time was had by all.  We laughed, we hooted, we cheered and we bonded with one another..  There were so many scenes filled with innuendos, body language and gestures that women could relate, understand and laugh about…it was great.  And we all understood them.  Women from their early 20's to women 70's or more, we all knew the score. For example, the "first night" scenario when Tasha and Hugh unite, make love, bond…"do it" and then Tasha’s bodies reaction the morning after…we all knew the experience and just hooted and laughed in empathy.
The opening scene with Patrick Whalen as Hugh Hanson strutting on stage and posing in various suggestive postures was a great hit.and really got the "ladies" going.  Patrick is a good looking man who knows how to play his lines and use his body language to thrill the ladies.  He has good timing and comic sense and is great fit for the part. 

And there were a few brave men!  Tasha and Fan after show!
Anne Marie Scheffler playing the part of E. B. Janet.the writer was "right on" and knew how to engage us and her characters  longing to create a fantasy that was completely out  of her average woman's life.  Her comic sense, body language, voice all got the part of the "happily married woman" being responsible and juggling all the myriad roles in life while really yearning for that wild fling.that fantasy where the man is there to please you…dominant her,chase her …be aloof…BE RICH…REALLY RICH and yet underneath vulnerable just waiting for her to tame him…to fulfill him.  You get the drift. Janet's writing the part that 99.9% of us never get to live, and we know it is not reality…but oh once in a while that fantasy creeps up and catches us and we got to see it , share it and laughe about it. 

Janet's alter ego, Tasha Woode, played wonderfully by Danielle Trzcinski was delightful.  She did the naive "virgin" Tashe with the right amount of innocence with the yearning to know more…more…and more.  Great comic timing!  She just engaged us from the beginning and reminded us of that time when you want to know everything…but it is also a time of being really scared of knowing everything, a  
Danielle played "the virgin" who enters into a relationship with an older more experienced DOMINANT man who teaches the thrill of it all.  And yet while she is being "thrilled" she is yearning for him to love her.  You know…the old song…will he grow to love me if I please him enough?  I want to know him…really know him…oh well we all know that answer.  At least in the play everyone ends up happy and our fantasies are fulfilled and we all happily bounced out of the theater.  The girls just want to have fun…and last night they did.

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