Monday, November 19, 2012

Roving Pittsburgh Review

"Good People" by David Lindsay-Abaire

by Helene Vidovich and Amy Caligaro

Life in a lace curtain world?
. . .like a cornucopia, leaving one with much to choose and digest.
"Good People" by David Lindsay-Abaire and aptly staged by Jeff Cowie, captures life's little moments and situations and leaves one with much fodder for future discussion. Kelly McAndrew, who portrayed Margaret, was exceptional. The performance evokes a variety of iconic experiences--anger, love, fear, deceit, laughter, social taboos and life's dichotomies.
    Amy thought the landlord was hysterical: "who doesn’t have someone like her in our lives?" Margaret's best friend Jean challenged the zeitgeist of the "Southie" neighborhood [Everytown]. Mike's wife Kate, although insecure, conveyed strong ethics and a heart of gold. "When Mike started his rage, I nearly jumped out of my seat." And, when Margaret picked up Kate's vase to retaliate, a collective gasp rippled through the audience.
Let’s see -- Caregiver for a mentally challenged child, class struggles, homophobia, racial diversity -- sprinkle in some vulgarity and an affair…voilĂ …a well-written, convoluted play.
    Good People: Is it a statement or a question? Our values and mores are challenged. When life hands you lemons, go to a game of Bingo!

Amy Caligaro, Silpada Director  

Helene Vidovich,  Freelance Roving Pittsburgher Reviewer

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