Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Don Giovanni, Plot After Plot

Reviewed by Good News Reporter
Joanne Quinn-Smith

First of all I have to say for having been written in the seventeen hundreds, the modern daytime soaps could not have done it better.  From Olympian numbers of sexual partners to blatant anti-social behavior Don Giovanni was the stuff of dark serial soaps.  One could not help but get caught up in the story, the musicality and the character development.  Even if you do not understand Italian, you could not escape any of this.
I read that one reviewer was distracted by the movable blockades or banisters used for exits and entries of characters. I have to say that was not a challenge for me.  Actually I was rather impressed with the changing of scenes without moving scenery.  I found it very subtle and not distracting.  I was too busy with the opera and its many subplots to worry about the scenery.  However I did love the changing of the lighting colors on the chair in the balcony.  That was symbolically impressive. 

Don Giovanni and Zerlina David Bachman Photography
My favorite male character however was the servant Leporello(Wayne Tigges) who although he rants and rails about his master, really wants to be him as most of the men in the drama do. Mr Tigges wonderful body language was only surpassed by his voice.  Also I was absolutely enthralled by the wily and suggestive young maiden. Zerlina (Sari Gruber), who leavers her husband on their wedding night to spend time with Don Giovanni. Again her playful antics matched her playful voice.  Developed better she was probably Don Giovanni’s moral or amoral counterpart.

The cast was strong, the plot was stronger and just like so many Titan classics, the story and the presentation left you wondering what happened to the other characters when they no longer had Don Giovanni to color their lives.

Don Giovanni-Hell!  David Bachman Photography
Unlike many operas which leave you humming an aria or tune this was truly a story or many stories woven into one with drama, intrigue, intense character development and true entertainment value.  I especially like that there really was no triumph of good over evil as the vengeful goals of many of the characters actually pulled them down to Don Giovanni’s level.  There was actually a lot of grey area as to the morality of the play.  But true to the times, morality was very pragmatic at the time.  Even though written two hundred years after The Prince, the Machiavellian spirit has prevailed on the story line of this opera.

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