Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dancing in the Theatre and Dancing in the Street at "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and Other Story Books

Presented as part of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Children’s 
Theater by Theatreworks USA

October 12-14 in Various Locations Around the City of Pittsburgh

This is the 43rd Family Series and is sponsored by Citizens Bank.

What an eclectic group of story books!  Of course the most famous is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and probably the most hysterical; my granddaughter Anaiyah is still telling the story about how he kept tricking the boy who gave him the cookie.  Although being from the hip hop generation she also loved Master Man. Martha Speaks was very endearing to her because of the dog costume and the barking an incessant talking because that is what she and most 4 year olds do—incessantly talk.

Amazing Grace was also another favorite of hers because she liked that a girl could play Peter Pan and a black girl at that as she is African American.

Imogene’s Antlers was a little lost on her at four but she loved the “Pick a Book” song as she loves to read.   My personal favorite was the three parted Imogene’s Antlers and Math Curse, having struggled both with math and being different.

What a day of musical mirth and rich symbolism.  Something for everyone especially the cunning of Borreguita and the Coyote.  A great story for children to learn about working things out and being creative!  Studies show that children learn much better through songs and rhymes than just rote memory.   This was a great way to make learning fun. 

It’s also a great way to see theatre in your neighborhood and not have to go downtown although there is something magical about taking a little girl to a downtown theatre.  Afterwards my granddaughter met a little friend and they danced with their reflections to the music coming out of the Renaissance hotel much to the delight of passengers in passing cars.

Children’s Theatre Schedule
·  Wednesday, October 17  |  7:00  |  Gateway HS
·  Thursday, October 18  |  5:30 & 7:30  |  Marshall MS   
·  Friday, October 19  |  7:00  |  Moon Area HS
·  Saturday, October 20  |  11:00 & 2:00  |  Mellon MS   
·  Sunday, October 21  |  2:00  |  Seneca Valley SHS
·  Ticket and additional information at:  http://pgharts.org

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