Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Successful Professional Development Day for Win Pittsburgh

Win-Pittsburgh’s Professional Development Day held at Gaetano’s on Wednesday, October 3, proved to be very motivationally stimulating to its guests.  TechnoGranny actually showed up long enough to do video interview with Executive Director Dawn Pomaybo about the organization which will be posted later this week on PositivelyPittsburgh News Channel at

I stayed long enough to hear Sanna Carapellotti of Pittsburgh Medical Hypnosis talk about the pitfalls of the mind and how to work them out.  Sanna’s using her own case study of what happened when she lost her mother as a teenager in a culture of denial,  touched everyone in attention.  Most useful was her suggestion on how to stop a rant when you get one.  Oh come on now, even the calmest of us have them.  Very useful information and also once you understand what happens in the mind, knowledge is often very powerful.  I was off to cover another event and to stand in line for a property tax appeal hearing so Sanna was the only speaker that I heard so my review is based on comments by other attendees.  All of the comments were extremely positive.  So Win Pittsburgh had another successful annual event.

Sanna Carapellotti and
Trina Hess, complilments Trina Hess
Dr. Trina Hess' Humor Academy  In yesterday's WIN Pittsburgh presentation, The Messages That Change Everything, Sanna talked about the need to interrupt the racing thoughts we have--- especially during change. And she showed us a useful & easy tip for doing that. Another great way to stop racing thoughts is LAUGHTER

compliments Trina Hess
What a great--and funny-- storyteller, thanks Michelle for the laughs

photo compliments Trina Hess

What an amazing day filled with intelligence, inspiration and education! Professional Development Day was a hugely successful event thanks to our wonderful speakers, our sponsors, the vendors, attendees, Gaeatano's Restaurant, Lisa Wagner Freeman Romy Banks and to all of the media and others that support WIN-Pittsburgh.

Executive director Dawn Pompayo managed to put together a wonderful group of speakers and the company at the event because of the amazing members of WIN Pittsburgh was delightful.  So sorry I could not stay longer.

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