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Wine Traveller's Club, September Review

Wine Travelers Club Review,  9-15-12
by Deb Arnett

Wonderful appetizers and food
 served with white wine
Autumn was in the air for the September wine tasting hosted by Virginia and Brad.  The wine travelers who had not been to their place before and those who had were treated to a fabulous evening.  The beautiful new patio renovation was the first thing that people noticed as they were amazed at the transformation of beautiful tile and furniture as well as the draperies and lighting that had been added to the area. Brad is quite the contractor and has really changed the whole look and feel of the patio with a lot of assistance from Virginia.  What a team they make.

To start off the evening the first white was served in the game room with Fruits, jams, Prosciutto, salami, mixed olives and cheeses with crackers,  2nd white was highlighted by a seafood pizza and a vegetable Pizza with Tomato's and herbs.

Moving on to the reds 1st red was served with an Italian meatball and Penne with red sauce.  2nd red with Grilled beef filet and green beans almondine.  The final red was the dessert course which was highlighted by an apple carmel cake, tiramisu and assorted italian cookies.  

A taste of Italy presented at
Wine Travellers this month.  Minus the
mountain, poetic license!
All wines served will appear on our linked in site as usual in the order of service. 

The evening was accented by the blazing fire in the lower courtyard where the members sat enjoying the wonderful firepit.  I even got down there after all the wines were served and managed to stay awake and relax (until 3 am) at which time we diehards finally called it a night.  My favorite time is the end of the night when I can sit and enjoy the hosts and reflect on the great evening that was had by all.  First time guest Joanne Quinn Smith ("the technogranny" on internet radio tells me she is joining our group along with her guest John Pournaras) 
She mentioned our group on PositivelyPittsburghLive on 9-17-12.

Red wine, the last and best
part of the evening.
It is archived so you can listen the part about the tasting it is 44 minutes into the broadcast but you can pull the program forward to 44 min and it will start at about 44 min and 15 sec into the broadcast.  There are a lot of good bits of info on whats going on in Pittsburgh on the show in addition to our tasting.  She mentioned both Who's Your Brother - the non profit that helps people in the Pittsburgh area ( and their new "members only" venture Singles with Focus ( that is launching this month on Sept 27th at Olive or Twist (singles meeting other singles to do good in the community).  So if you are single log on and become a member.  And single or married become a member of WYB and help your neighbors.  Thanks Joanne. 
Congrats to Virginia and Brad for another superb wine tasting.  Thank you for all you do as long time members and hosts of the Wine Travelers.  

Debi Arnett works with
Who's Your Brother
Vision of Who"s Your Brother:
To encourage people everywhere to build up their communities as they build up each other, sharing their talents and resources with one another to promote a peace and a brotherhood among our fellow neighbors that we have not yet known.
About WYB        Watch Founder's Video
Who's Your Brother offers you the opportunity to use your talent, your resources, and a small amount of your time to brighten someone else's day by meeting a need without the exchange of money.
From Who's Your Brother Website

Singles With Focus is LIVE--

NEW Socially Conscious Dating Founded by 

Who's Your Brother.

The new WYB sponsored site, Singles With Focus is live and running.

Rather than simply a matching site, Singles With Focus uses mixers and service projects to get people together. Once registered on the site, you can sign-up for the events and once you attend the events, other participant's profiles are un-locked for you to reach out to and connect with.

And the good news is, we all have something in common. The quality of people you stand to meet all have an interest in building community--like you.

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