Monday, September 17, 2012

Ditka's Robinson--Man Size Portions, Everyone Sized Taste

 Ditka's Robinson--Man Size Portions

Everyone Sized Taste

by Gregg Mathis

My dining companion and I decided to give Mike Ditka's restaurant in Robinson  a try last Tuesday evening.  I arrived before my companion, at around 8p.m. and the restaurant was packed, a good sign. I had a chance to hang out in the bar, have a cocktail and enjoy the artistry of the “little black dress” as displayed by the bar waitresses, while waiting for her to arrive.

Upon her arrival, we were seated promptly as the dinner crowd had thinned. I had previously heard Mike talking about the restaurant say, that in his opinion, the signature dish was the pork chop. That struck me as a little odd, considering that Ditka's is a steakhouse. Our server was prompt, polite and attentive. He explained the menu specials for the evening and then the pondering began. The specials were tempting, but I decided to follow the coaches lead and ordered Da Chop, my companion opted for the Pan Seared Scallops.

Da Chop-Delicious!
The food was served promptly and beautifully. Da Chop was a thing of beauty, nearly three inches thick, double boned and actually looked a little intimidating. It was accompanied by mashed sweet potatoes (yams actually) and a Michigan cherry sauce. The scallops were served with mushroom risoto and asparagus. Da Chop was a hungry man's delight. It was prepared medium and was delicious. The cherry sauce highlighted the flavor and tenderness of the pork and the sweet potatoes were very complentary to the meal. There was very little fat, which I don't eat, but it was all wonderfully done delicious pork.

As is the custom, some plate sharing occurred. The scallops were perfectly prepared and very tasty. My companion agreed that Da Chop was an excellent dish.

The only small quibble I have is that the lights were a little too dim making it hard for older eyes to read the menu. Come on guys, either turn up the lights a little or spend a little on led lighted menus!

The meals were in the $35 range, but in my opinion, very much worth the price. It was an excellent dining experience. If you are looking for a little splurge in your dining out ventures, Ditka's should  certainly be high on your options list.

Gregg Mathis is a lifelong Pittsburgher, who enjoys a great meal and really good service. He is co-owner of Pro-Fry, Pittsburgh's Fryer Guys since 2006. Pro-Fry serves it's customers by reducing costs through micro oil filtration, reducing accidents by professionally changing oil and deep cleaning fryers, and by reducing waste headaches by immediately removing and recycling waste oil from customer locations.

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