Saturday, February 14, 2015

Roving Pittsburgher Report, "Beauty and the Beast" of Smorgasbord of Elegance and Style

Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, Beauty and the Beast of Smorgasbord of Elegance and Style

by Good News Reporters, Joanne Quinn-Smith and
Anaiyah Thomas

A quiet Saturday afternoon, little girls in party dresses, monkeys dancing on stage and a beauty and a BEAST, oh my! Beauty and the Beast had in all, five scenes and 92 costumes designed by Jose Varona.  The costumes alone were a high point of the overall performance adding tremendously to its style, and vibrant sense of whimsy, fantasy and stagecraft.

What a smorgasbord of visual elegance and style.  The beginning of the ballet was ensemble performances by very effective might looking stags complete with horns and beautiful graceful nymphs and other Forrest Creatures.

I am telling this review from my six year old granddaughter Anaiyah's point of view.  When I asked her what she liked best about the ballet, she said, the monkey dance and the bluebirds.

Photos by: Rich Sofranko

 At first she was worried that The Beast was going to be very scary but when she actually saw him come onto stage he had the desired impact of getting her to feel just a little sorry for him.

She was on the edge of her seat most of the time and while other young children were asking why there was no talking and singing, her precocious six year old self, got the sense of the story even without words.

Photos by: Rich Sofranko

For my personal preference I loved the rosebushes co-ordinated to match the scenery and loved the humor brought to the stage by Beauty's sisters, Olivia Kelly and Maris Grywalski.  I found them very under appreciated.

Photos by: Rich Sofranko

Anaiyah's favorite scene was however when the Beast (Prince) and Beauty came out in their long capes and crowns.  And always she loved the pas de deux.

Photos by: Rich Sofranko

Once again the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater stars and corps, costume and set designers have put on another production of grace and style and grandeur.  

Only selfie in existence of grandma Joanne Quinn-Smith and
partner reviewer granddauther Anaiyah Thomas
Joanne Quinn-Smith, publisher, host of PositivelyPittsburghLive with PPL Kidz Korner partner reviewer granddaughter Anaiyah Thomas known for being six year old fashion police and precocius six year old symphony and ballet reviewer.

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