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Roving Pittsburgher Report - A Review of Mamma Mia the Musical Feb. 11th 2014 Performance

A Review of Mamma Mia the SMASH HIT Musical on Feb. 11th 2014
Roving Pittsburgher and
Written By: JoAnn R. Forrester, Host of Empress of Biz  |  Feb. 12, 2014

(photo courtesy: Pittsburgh Cultural Trust)
Mamma Mia…was Fun! Finger snapping, toe tapping, bouncing up and down in my seat fun…And shades of ABBA did I need that to get me through “the Winter That Will Never End Curse” that some evil Cleveland Browns fans has wished upon us.

Part of the fun of the night was to walk into the theater with people smiling who were ready to celebrate with the music of ABBA. As soon as the first scene opened with Sophie played by Chelsea Williams singing “I have a Dream” the audience was wrapped up and jumping on the Mamma Mia Love Boat as portrayed by ABBA.

The play, Mama Mia is about our favorite theme…Youthful rebellion, Youth Looking for Love, Finding love, Misunderstanding, Separation, (21 years) Love Lost, REUNION, LOVE FOUND and LIVING HAPPILY AFTER all played to the 22 tunes of ABBA.

All the familiar scenes played with youthful energy and a little more sexual dash and innuendo than the movie. I did find myself missing the beautiful background of the Mediterranean Sea and wishing that they had more visual scenery or a video of the sea playing in the background.
(photo courtesy:
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust)

The story of reunion plays well… First starting with the three young girls coming together to celebrate the wedding of Sophie , while the friends of the mother, Donna , played by Georgia Kate Haege arrive to lend their moral support to the marriage of their friends daughter. All soon, young and old friends, become involved in keeping Sophie’s secret. She has found her mother’s dairy and read it…and oh my three possible fathers. So what does she do? She invites all of them to her wedding and figuring that somehow she will know who her Father will invite him to walk her down the aisle. Oh my Days of our Lives soap opera played out on a Greek Island.

The dancing troupe was very energetic and pulled you along in a joyous activity. Love the women who played the older friends, Tanya (Gabrielle Mirabella) and Rosie Carly Sakolove who was a great scene stealer.

And of course the men, Harry Bright (Mark A Harmon), Bill Austin (Michaek Colavolpe) and Sam Carmichael, (Jeff Drushal) all were funny, delicious and amusingly perplexed as they discovered they may be the father of Sophie. All the men played and sung their parts well. Although gotta admit in my heart I was half expecting Pierce Bronson to show up.

When the play ended and the cast came out to take their bows and do the well known encore reprise the audience jumped up as one and was ready to dance and sing to all their favorite ABBA songs. And sing in dance we did. When it ended and we left the theater there were still many humming and singing along as they dance walked out the theater…Good time was had by all.

The PNC Broadway Across American series has itself another hit. We are really fortunate here in the burgh…our theater and art’s team consistently produces hits.

Great show…now if I could just stop singing and tapping my toes to the Mama Mia songs in my heard.

Additional Show Times:
Feb 12 - 13  |  7:30 PM  |  Heinz Hall
Friday, Feb 14  |  8:00 PM  |  Heinz Hall
Saturday, Feb 15  |  2:00 PM and 8:00 PM  |  Heinz Hall
Sunday, Feb 16  |  1:00 PM and 6:30 PM  |  Heinz Hall

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Written By: JoAnn R. Forrester
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