Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Roving Pittsburgher Report, Mangiare Bene! PapaGallo Cucina in Bridgeville

Roving Pittsburgher Report, Mangiare Bene! 

PapaGallo Cucina in Bridgeville

When my friend and publisher Joyce Faulkner asked me to meet her at Papa Gallo Cucina in Collier Plaza in Bridgeville,  I was more than delighted always willing to try out a new restaurant especially an Italian one.  Joyce was so excited she said it was truly an experience to experience Chef Len Spampinato's hospitality and the amazing daily specials and the ambiance of the restaurant. 

Well she did not lie about a single thing.
There were so many wonderful things on the menu that I did not know where to start but I settled on one of the daily specials which was a chicken and fresh pear salad with fresh blue cheese.  Wow.  Joyce does not eat carbs and Len accommodated her with a plate of chicken salad smothered in cheese with fresh vegetables.  Also on the specials was chicken with mushroom and blue cheese risotto.  Chef Len's combinations are unique and delicious.

PapaGallo's hours are short during the day
Mon – Fri: 7 AM to 2:30 PM
Sat: 8 AM to 1:30 PM
He rents out the restaurant in the evening for private parties and lends his incomparable gourmet talents to private catering in the evening.

Len's breakfast offerings range from the traditional eggs to the exotic including Huevos Rancheros:  Spiced Black beans topped with two eggs, spicy tomato salsa and melted jack cheese; over warm tortillas.and also Rebecca’s Omelette which is 
Freshly Whipped Eggs with onions, artichokes and melted Feta cheese or Triple Berry Pancakes.

For lunch you can have Fish Tacos, Crab Cakes or Pesto Chicken Panini or a Vine-ripe Vegetable Panini or anyone of the amazing specials that Chef offers daily. 
Cannot wait for my return trip to try many more of his signature dishes.

Now here is something that you won't find a restaurant owner doing.  The atmosphere was so delightful that we stayed way to long and the restaurant was about to close but I wanted to take home some of what looked like and proved to be the most amazing chocolate chunk cookies ever.  Unfortunately as Len said, "They go fast." But he was accommodating and offered to make some for me as we chatted.  What a guy! Should have asked if he had any single brothers. So here are pictures of Len making his amazing cookies and I left with the warm aroma of the cookies tempting me on my drive home.

Did I mention that Chef Len is Sicilian and so am I, so there is a bit of nepotism here.  But truly if you want to try some legendary, unique Sicilian cuisine then this is the place to do it.  But as we say in the Burgh" yunz gotta get up early" because Papa Gallo is only open most days until 2:30 PM.  ""Mangiare bene!

Collier Town Square
1597 Washington Pike
Bridgeville, PA 15017

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