Wednesday, May 16, 2012

With A Choice Between Ball Game and Symphony, Sure Win--The Symphony!

Cirque De La  Symphonie

JoAnn R. Forrester

The Paris Festival of the City of Light  presented by the Pittsburgh Symphony has been a month of extraordinary delights.  Making me wish I had lived in the city of Light, Paris, at the beginning of the 20th century.  An amazing  artistic and vibrant period!  If someone has a time machine I am signing up  to go back in time to live during that wonderful magical period of artistic  endeavor. 

Saturday night treat at the Heinz Hall was Cirque De La Symphonie.   What a visual and musical  evening filled with aerial  artists, jugglers extraordinaire, and amazing acrobatic feats accompanied by  an energetic, enthusiastic  and  excellent Pittsburgh Symphony orchestra.  

Never in my life did I expect to see  at the Heinz Hall such an extraordinary presentation of aerial artists, who flew right above the audience brings gasps of awe and a little fright..especially the first time they flew like magic over us. I was like a kid again at the circus, (but with much better seat) watching the performance of the circus artists…all superb in each of their  own specialties.

The conductor Lawrence Loh amiably joined some of the comic shenanigans and his conducting the performance of the symphony was a masterful delight. 
Town was bustling Saturday night, with a Pirates s game, and other theatrical  events.   One of the great things about going to the Pittsburgh Symphony instead of the ball game is that it is ALWAYS a winner.  So given a choice between a ball game and the symphony I am taking the one that is almost a sure bet…the symphony!

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